Are you tired of the pain caused by sitting at work all day???

Are you frustrated by always needing treatment to help keep you pain-free???

Here 3 quick and effective exercises we commonly use that you can do at work without leaving your desk!!!

We see many clients that are fed up with always being in pain...

They come to us not understanding why they are still in pain when they go for:
- regular treatment
- get up and walk to the tea room during the day
- stretch once or twice a week

We actually love when we get clients at this stage... why?... because they are already motivated to do something about their pain... we just need to help you understand why it isn't working and tweak things to make your effort more effective!

First is understanding the problem... in many cases... clients are sitting all day at work... come home tired... stand in a confined kitchen to make dinner... head to the couch... head to bed and then repeat.

That is a whole lot of being confined to limited movement...

To battle this we all need to move more and with more variety to stretch out all those muscles that repeat the same action over and over without a break.
Our aim is to get our clients moving more regularly throughout the day... this will be a lot more efficient than waiting til the end of the day once everything is fatigued and locked up.

We understand that giving clients a sheet of exercises will not encourage compliance... that is why we start simple, but effective... clients need to experience immediate benefit, be able to do them quickly and without disrupting the task they are doing...

Once we get these good habits in place, we can start to work on more regular and more intense rehab to get you stronger, more mobile and enjoying life a whole lot more!

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