Dr Brayden Stevenson | Osteopath

Meet Brayden

"Originally from Tasmania, I moved to Melbourne to study and become an osteopath. Over that time I have enjoyed living in the area and spent a few years playing senior footy at Parkdale Vultures.

The opportunity to work in Mordialloc allows me to share my knowledge and passion, helping those that also love an active beachside lifestyle" 

What influences my approach as a practitioner?

I am a friendly, outgoing, and goal-driven person who is passionate about helping others achieve their goals. Growing up playing football, I gained a lot of experience managing my own sports injuries.

I completely understand the burden of injury and the importance of getting back to our sports and hobbies.

Knowing this, I always aim to first provide fast relief, and to make sure we achive a long-term solution, following that up with relevant and achievable rehabilitation is key. For best outcomes, the journey needs to be fun and rewarding, as we work toward your milestones.

How I found Osteopathy

Having suffered many injuries growing up, the opportunity to help others recovery from injury was an obvious career choice for me.

I moved to Melbourne from Tasmania to pursue an education in healthcare, in doing so, I discovered osteopathy.

This pursuit of opportunity opened the doors to education and an approach to healthcare that I'm passionate about. I now get to help people every day, to resolve their pain and get back to enjoying life.

I am passionate about

Keeping myself physically active, being involved within the community, and building good relationships.

Osteopathy allows me to bring all these elements together to help people achieve their goals and get back to things they are passionate about!