Emily Chew

Dr Emily Chew | Osteopath

Meet Emily

B.H.Sc., B.App. Sc. (Osteopathy)

Level 1 Dry Needling & Cupping


"My love for sports growing up has always had me interested in how the body works and what it takes to keep it functioning at the level we want it to…

Osteopathy has given me the tools, principles and philosophies to achieve this and I just love being able to share my knowledge and skill with clients… providing the treatment, education and exercise rehab needed to achieve their specific goals.

Above all, I thrive in making sure each client has the tools and support to enjoy life with less risk of problems recurring in the future."


What influences my approach as a practitioner?

To me, the patient is the most important person in the room… their values, goals, pain and previous experiences are what drives my approach.

This approach allows us the best chance of achieving their goals together,  by really listening and developing the right balance of treatment, education and exercises for each individual.


How I found Osteopathy.

If it wasn’t for a nasty hiking injury 10 years ago as a complete amateur, I may never have found osteopathy.

Going through the osteopathic recovery myself was an eye-opening experience in how thorough the approach was and how they were able to show the flow-on effect of the body and tailor an individualized rehabilitation program…

Safe to say I have no regrets and absolutely love the clients I get to help in the same way!


I am passionate about...

I am a creative at heart… art, reading, family time, caring for my plants, exploring nature and having a blast at live gigs with mates.

I love being able to incorporate these passions in my approach, and understanding more about what drives my clients and how I can help them get back to living the life they want to!


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