Dr Erin Graham | Osteopath

Meet Erin

"Understanding how the science of movement and pain fit in with a patient’s everyday life is a passion that drives me as an osteopath. Continuing to grow and learn is one of the most important things that we can do, from both a practitioner and patient perspective. Our job isn’t just to ‘fix the pain’ but provide the patient the knowledge and tools to help themselves."

What influences my approach as a practitioner?

My background as a Sports Trainer for local footy clubs and Pilates Instructor influences the proactive and preventive approach I use. Together with my osteopathic skills and knowledge, I approach every patient with the aim to get them out of pain quickly and get them strong enough to return to their passions in life.

How I found Osteopathy.

Growing up playing a variety of sports, and being pretty clumsy, I’ve spent plenty of time in the treatment room. I found myself drawn towards Osteopathy, as it’s not just about the problem at hand, but more so about the bigger picture. I love being able to put my detective skills to the test and work with the patient to find out what influences may be causing them pain or slowing down their recovery. My favourite part of Osteopathy is working together with the patient to see how we can get the best out of their body.

I am passionate about..

Doing new activities with family and friends. I love activities such as skiing, snowboarding, golf, and attending live music. I’m also always looking for new places to travel to.