Jonathan Liakopoulos

Dr Jonathan Liakopoulos | Osteopath

Meet Jonathan


B.HlthSc, B.AppSc (Osteopathy) 

Level 1 Dry Needling & Cupping


"The human body and all its systems fascinate me… the way they interconnect to function perfectly, adapt to challenges, but then being able to understand how it all fits together when we’ve pushed it beyond its limits...

This is the exciting bit when I can educate clients on how their pain came about and the links in the chain we need to restore, with the treatment, exercise rehab and tools they need, to get them back to doing the things they love…

and most importantly, in control of their health & movement!"

What influences my approach as a practitioner

My enthusiastic personality and desire to help people achieve their goals (big or small) is my main driver in helping clients.

For the same reasons I’ve participated in team sports… your health journey is about having the right team around you, including you!

How I found Osteopathy

Utilising Osteopathy to assist with numerous sporting injuries peaked my interest in the profession. I began my university journey with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science… After 3 years and a degree under my belt, it only heightened my passion for osteopathy.

I am passionate about …

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet, exercise and mental wellbeing has always been a key determinant. This creates many hurdles for people and I love being able to help patients navigate these challenges to find the level of health and movement they desire.


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