Patrick Utri

Dr Patrick Utri | Osteopath

Meet Pat

B.HSc (Health Science), B.ASc (Osteopathy)


"I am constantly developing a further understanding of the human body and contributing factors that are current in people’s lives. This allows me to gain the insight I need when they present their situation and seek help. Once this is achieved, I treat to restore movement and function. Finally, I educate patients on how they can take control of their own body and health, which is so crucial to ensure reduction of re-occurrence and longevity of treatment."

What influences my approach as a practitioner

I am a bright friendly person who loves being around and helping people! My background in sports training, refereeing and swim teaching highlights my drive to aid the growth and development of people from all walks of life. I am a lover of the outdoors whether it be beach, river or mountains. Hobbies and sports include: Basketball, Volleyball, Yoga, Skiing and Discgolf (ask me about this if you don’t know what it is!)


How I found Osteopathy

I’d seen an Osteopath growing up and it seemed a logical decision for me to pursue because it combines three passions of mine: I don’t like sitting still, think the human body is an amazing never-ending tool for learning and love helping people.


I am passionate about …

In life everything is about balance; too sweet or too salty, too hot or too cold, too much work not enough play? Yes, sometimes certain aspects of life require us to venture outside this comfort zone, but to ensure we don’t burn out, we must return to our happy medium! I love Osteopathy because it not only rings true to this in its teachings but reflects how much our bodies seek this balance too.


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