Once we have identified the source of your pain and all factors that have led to the injury, we will use a range of techniques to restore fluid motion and function, thus allowing the body to heal while you get started on rehab.

The main focus of treatment is to get you moving again, pain free and able to get back to normal life. It is therefore important that we take the time to identify what your goals are and what is going to inspire you to continue with the required rehab.

The techniques we choose to use as part of your treatment will be carefully selected to get the best results for your desired outcome. We do our best to keep the consult room treatment as close as possible to the techniques we will teach you to do for yourself as part of your self-management at home. We choose techniques that you are comfortable with and that are appropriate to your level of function/pain.

As you will have realised by now, we are big on having you understanding what our overall plan is.  It is not about us holding secrets and convincing you that you need to keep coming back for us to fix you. Yes, we are good at what we do to get you moving when you have pushed things too hard and need assistance to get back to normal function. At the same time, we will also encourage you to start taking control of your own treatment at home.