Every understand that every injury is unique, because you are unique. Under some circumstances ongoing treatment may be needed every 2-3 months or so due to your job, sport or jam-packed life. However, sufficient self-management requires a little help every now and again.

We strive to constantly review your self-management exercises throughout the treatment process to make sure you understand the techniques, are doing them properly, and that they are achievable. (Achievable is a big one… we get that busy people need quick, efficient exercises that fit easily into your day).

By the time we have you pain-free, you should also be your own Osteo guru for the specific injury we were addressing. You will be loaded with the tools you need to keep yourself functioning fit and ready to pounce on any hint of re-occurrence of symptoms!

Don’t worry… we won’t boot you out the door and lock it behind you. We understand that life gets busy and there will be times you ignore those warning signs that you have been sitting too much or training too hard and forget to do your exercises in time to sort it out yourself!  We’ll get you back on track quickly again, with a thorough refresh and probably a nice massage too.