We look forward to helping you with your health and movement.

The rules are a little different during this Stage 4 lockdown, whilst we are still open, not all appointments can be conducted face to face under DHHS guidelines.

DHHS aim to minimise unecassery movement, BUT it is very important that this doesn't come at the cost of serious/urgent health and wellbeing issues.

What you need to do:

If you feel you have an URGENT need for a face to face appointment...
1. Please call or book online.
2. Fill out the COVID Screen that you'll receive via email/sms.
3. Await our call if you've booked online so we can ensure we will be able to see you face to face or offer you the appropriate advice otherwise.

If you require exercise or self-management advice...
1. Please book a telehealth appointment online or call us to organise a time that suits you better.

If you are UNSURE if you require urgent treatment or whether we can help over the phone...
1. Call 0395807476 OR email OR SMS 0488826602
2. Let us know what's going on.
3. We'll help you with advice to try at home or determining whether a more thorough telehealth or face to face appointment is required.

We appreciate your support during this time and we will be here for you to assist you in the ways that we can.

We look forward to seeing or speaking to you soon.

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