Author: Dr Janine Symington | Osteopath

Many of my friends and clients have been asking about standing desks. They have noticed that every couple of weeks more towers of these contraptions going up around the workplace. They have been left feeling like the last ones still sitting.

Why the sudden shift to Standing desks?

Sitting has been declared the new smoking with evidence overwhelmingly showing that sitting too much to be a major risk factor in chronic health conditions.  We also find that our clients commonly present with injuries largely a result of fatigued postural muscles.

So what does the evidence say?

Well, it's starting to be considered one of the biggest risk factors in chronic disease (heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc.).... So if you are going to invest in one thing for your health and get the biggest bang for your buck, it is exercise or movement.


Is sitting all bad?  Not necessarily. In a recent study of British seated office workers as long as you exercise and walk 40 minutes each day you can offset the sedentary time at work.  Time to get moving!

Will Standing Desks solve the problem?

Workplace injuries can happen at a seated or standing desk.  If you stay in one position long enough muscles tend to fatigue and switch off.  An example of this is your glutes or buttock muscles fatiguing causing your hips to ache....  or your hip flexors to fatigue and shorten making it hard to straighten when getting up from sitting.

This all potentially leads to an increased risk of injury due to reduced mobility.


What can you do?

The evidence for best injury prevention in a work-place suggests regular breaks and exercises during the day is by far the best prevention. It gives your muscles a chance to relax, recover and reactivate.

Cat and Michael have put together some exercise you can to help get moving during your workday and at home to activate those fatigued areas.

3 Simple Exercises for Office Workers


So is standing better than sitting?

Standing desks are a good option because most of them will go from sit to standing allowing you to move about and change position during the day.  Sitting or standing in one position can be hard on your body but being able to alternate is a great option.