Mordialloc Life Saving Club
Injury Prevention Program

Beachside Health & Movement is proud to continue as a Major Sponsor of
Mordialloc LSC for the 2022/23 Season.

We look forward to providing you as an MLSC competitor, access to an elite

Pre-Season Fitness Assessment and Functional Movement Screening

Friday, 21 October 5pm and 5.45pm
Max. 15 per session
MLSC Senior Competitors Only (must book online)

We will also be around the club throughout the season to assist with:

Injury Prevention, and
Injury Assessment program

for all Youth and Senior competitors.

Therefore, you will be seeing us regularly at training sessions to answer questions, provide advice and assist with Injury Prevention strategies.

Don't let injury get in the way of training or stop you from being able to compete... We are here to help.

So, if you become aware of an injury or if training starts causing any discomfort...

just, let your coach know, so that they can put you in contact with us to provide the advice you need.

In the meantime here are some quick tips relevant to your sport that you can add to your training or recovery sessions.

We can't wait to see you on the Beach!

Activation, Recovery and Injury Management Tips

Check back regularly for new videos or for individualised plans you can book an appointment with one of our osteopaths.


Board Paddlers

Swimmers Pool/Surf

Ski Paddlers

Surf Boats (Boaties)