How does pain come about and how can osteopathy help?

An injury can cause altered nerve input.

  • Injury or tissue damage causes chemicals to be released from damaged cells in a process called inflammation. Blood flow increases to carry nutrients to the damaged tissue. Nerves in the area send signals to the brain alerting it of the injury. The brain then responds with pain and signals to other tissues to help protect the area.
  •  Your body then tries to compensate and protect the injury. It can do this by tightening muscles to reduce movement or increase the load on other areas to decrease stress on the injury.
  • Scar tissue will form and the tissue injury will heal.  This will usually happen over weeks and months. It is important however to normalise the nerve inputs to and from the brain to prevent re-injury and reduce the chance of it becoming a chronic injury.
  • Even when the tissue injury is healed, the brain can still be in protection mode altering the way you move or generating pain in certain movement or activities.  This is why some pain becomes chronic or re injury occurs.

Osteopathy can be helpful in ensuring that the injury is rehabilitated and normal neurological input is restored to ensure you are pain free and back to what you were doing pre injury.

Restoring Function & Resolving Pain

Treatment at Beachside Osteo focuses on:

  1. Helping you understand why your body is in pain.
  2. Correcting neurological input from joints and muscles to the brain by reducing tissue tension, increasing mobility and stability to become confident that you can move pain free in the future.

We have a fully equipped gym and treatment rooms so we can use a wide variety of techniques and exercises to teach you how to move in a tailored way to suit your needs.

This can be a combination of hands on treatment, core and pilaties training, or functional rehabilitation (training in a way that mimics your sport or daily activities).

Our osteopaths believe in education and using the best evidence and technology to get you fast results.

What is acute pain?

  • The body’s normal response to tissue damage such as a burn or other physical injury
  • Usually lasts from moments to weeks or months
  • Is partly a protective mechanism to prevent further injury and allow the injury to heal
  • Can become chronic if not treated

What is chronic pain?

  • Pain that has been present for more than 3-6 months
  • Pain in the absence of underlying tissue damage
  • Does not completely resolve and can be affected on by physical (sitting or standing) environmental (weather or place changes) and psychological (such as stress) factors

For effective pain management and treatment, talk to a Beachside Osteo today.