How to stay on track…

As an athlete, you will have many performance related goals. To achieve these, you need to get on track and stay there.

At elite level, we will assist you to compete at peak performance. For amateur enthusiasts looking to maintain a healthy/balanced lifestyle again, we will create an exercise plan to have you safely reach your goals.

We work with athletes at all levels of fitness. Talk to us about strategies for managing and increasing your performance today.

Competition Management

Our practitioners are committed to finding a creative approach to assist you moving forward and back to competition safely, performing at your highest level, in the quickest possible time. We have all worked in and around competitive sport during our careers, assisting athletes from many different sports, and we understand the various demands of each one. We are passionate about keeping your fitness where you need it to be to reach your goals.

Pain Solutions

We work with you to provide the best and quickest pain solutions and will take the time to explain your options whether it be osteopathic treatment, rehab, injections, medication, surgery, or other modalities. The key is to find the best solution for you.At all times, it is important we understand the results you expect, how quickly you need to be back in action and what you need to be able to do when returning to your sport. A thorough understanding allows us to present you with the most appropriate options and guide you through the decision-making process.

Injury Solutions

Yes, injuries are a nuisance… Sometimes injuries are simply bad luck, and you will need rehab to resolve the symptoms and get you back to what you want to be doing, as quick as possible.On other occasions, injuries are the result of accumulating dysfunction within your body. The dysfunction can often trigger severe pain from a simple repetitive movement. In these scenarios, it is our time prove our true value, by not only dealing with the acute symptoms you are presenting with but also helping you to identify the other factors at play which you had been completely oblivious to, until now.

In both cases, we can then work together to make sure you not only recover but can are stronger and more aware of what you need to be doing to avoid repeating the same situation.

Fitness Recovery

If you are like the majority of people, you may often find yourself trying to regain fitness. Life gets busy, or you get distracted and all of a sudden you are wondering how the things you used to do easily are now such an effort!Lucky for you, we have the answers! If you team up with us early, we can help you regain mobility and create a realistic plan to get you fit quickly and injury free. Or if you tend to panic and hit training hard like a bull at a gate, without a structured plan of attack only to find yourself injured, we will put your back together, (however it may be time to reconsider your approach and talk to us first).