Relax, and get a new normal

Injuries can be an unfortunate part of an active life. When setbacks occur, you need a clinic that can get you back to a new normal, and give you strategies to keep well. Let us assist you to heal.

About Active Recovery

Like you, we don’t like to put our life on hold when injury tries to get the better of us!We understand that the last thing you want to hear is:

  • ‘Stop sport’ (and let the team down), or
  • ‘Stay home from work’ (when there are bills to pay), or
  • ‘Miss out on life’ (when everyone else is out having fun!)

Our focus is on how we can assist you to actively recover a new normal - sooner, stronger and for longer.

What we do not do:

  • Let you walk out the door with nothing but a long fancy diagnosis and a sheet of standard exercises that leave you confused and uninspired.

Our Active Recovery approach means you will be:

  1. Educated on your injury
  2. Guided on how to return safely to activity immediately
  3. Taught how to manage your injury
  4. Leave with the tools necessary to prevent recurrence

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Injury Prevention

At Beachside, our primary focus is to identify potential injuries before they happen or the underlying cause of existing injury.Injury Prevention relies on us making sure we:

  • thoroughly assess - using a full body screen
  • properly educate you on what we find and what it means
  • develop a thorough treatment plan
  • make you an expert on your own self-management

Beachside Full Body Screen

  • Identify restrictions
  • Identify poor efficiency
  • Identify poorly distributed loading
  • Mobility and importance of mobility
  • Difference between mobility and instability
  • Teaching how to identify when mobility is restricting good form
  • Teaching ways to self-mobilise and prep for activity
  • Footwear and clothing
  • Sizing, Set Up and Using Equipment
  • Tapes, Braces and supports - Why we may choose to use or not use them

Injury Treatment

Once we have identified the source of your pain and all factors that have led to the injury, we will use a range of techniques to restore fluid motion and function, thus allowing the body to heal and get you started on rehabilitation. Read more about our Injury Treatment Philosophy

Injury Management

Every understand that every injury is unique, because you are unique. Under some circumstances ongoing treatment may be needed every 2-3 months or so due to your job, sport or jam-packed life. However, sufficient self-management requires a little help every now and again. Learn how we approach achievable injury management.

Work Injury

When an injury occurs at work, as well as treating the injury, we will look at the circumstances and work to correct those to prevent a reoccurrence. We will set achievable goals for your recovery to get you back to work as quickly and safely as possible.

Sport Injury

Beachside osteos are sport injury specialists. From the mildest sprain to a bad break, tear or strain, we will provide a full body assessment and tailored rehab to get you back to a new normal, fitter, stronger and faster than ever.