How to get moving!

You have particular wellbeing needs at each stage of your life. The Beachside Osteo team will be at your side for the entire journey, working in partnership with you and your family to keep you moving with confidence. Talk to us about your life care needs today.

Explore how to get a moving below.


‘Bad Posture’ does not necessarily dictate whether you will experience pain or injury. However, poor mobility, stability, and function can be an issue. What we would consider poor posture can be perfectly fine as long has mobility, stability and function are maintained to perform necessary activities.

Core Stability

Core stability exercise has been a bit of a buzzword in the health and fitness industries for over a decade, and often marketed as the key to enhancing sports performance, along with preventing and rehabilitating injuries (particularly with low back pain).

Research in the 1990’s found that there was a delay in activation or firing of certain muscles in people with back pain. The research concluded that these muscles were responsible for stabilising the spine people with back pain would benefit from rehabilitation.

Further research over the past decade has concluded that core exercises will increase strength and stamina in these muscles.  However, this is not transferable to real life sports or strength in daily activities.

In these areas, more functional training is required. Read more about correct core stability training.


The body is amazing. At no one time is the body more amazing than the changes that happen during pregnancy. Two of the biggest influences during pregnancy are:

  • hormonal changes
  • the increases in size and weight and the impact on the body biomechanics

Osteopathy can readily assist with these following common conditions:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Upper back and rib pain
  • Carpal tunnel

During pregnancy, a Beachside osteopath will do a thorough individual assessment.  We will work with you to reduce pain and keep you active. Click to read more about common pregnancy complaints.

Pregnancy and Exercise

Pregnant women today report being given conflicting advice about exercising from various sources such as social media networks and family members.The current focus of research and guidelines are on the benefits of exercise during pregnancy.  Read more about this research – click here.

Exercise After Pregnancy

Exercising after the birth of your baby can have many benefits.  Research has shown there are advantages for women to exercise during this time, but there are guidelines to be aware of so you ensure you are exercising safely.  Learn More about the benefits of post-partum exercise and tips for exercising after pregnancy – click here.


Osteopathy is a treatment that can be safely enjoyed by the entire family, beginning with newborns and continuing throughout each stage of life. We have many families of mums, dad, children, grandparents, even aunts and uncles who turn to us for wellbeing.


Participating in sport has many benefits physically, mentally and socially. That is why it is important to be mindful in your approach to minimise injury from the beginning. You want to keep active once you start, rather than find yourself sitting at home again due to injury, back to square one with your physical, mental and social health.

Women’s Health

Women are unique in their health care needs. Conditions such as period pain, menopause, lower back aches, and posture can all be addressed by your osteopath. If we need to bring in an allied health professional to collaborate in order to achieve wellness, we can do that too.


How our bodies digest the food we eat is fundamental to our overall health. Your body is a whole system and often poor digestion can be a symptom of stress, fatigue, poor posture, back issues or a range of other conditions. There’s a lot your osteo can do to get you moving again.


Do you suffer from cold hands and feet? Or perhaps you get easily overheated. We can work to restore your body to balance and give you exercises that keep you that way. We also have Beachside Heat Bags and Ice Packs to use for injury recovery and general comfort.

Asthma / Breathing

Dysfunctional breathing can be secondary to another medical condition such as asthma, abdominal pain, or anxiety.  It can be also be independent, and not related to another condition. Correct breathing can increase your mood, energy and exercise performance. Learn how we can assist you with improving your breathing