Beachside Osteo Treatment Philosophy

At your first visit, we take additional care to diagnose and understand your problem and treat your discomfort. Over-treating doesn’t work and wastes your time, so we space your appointments to serve your needs, and educate you to be self-trusting and self-healing between sessions. We won’t give up on chronic conditions, and we will work with you to develop a self-managing pathway where you can be fluid and active again.

With Beachside’s 3 Step Approach, you will receive excellence in care at every session. You can relax and recover with confidence, knowing that we are always at your side.

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7 ways you can trust Beachside’s 3 Step Approach:

  1. We go beyond normal measures to identify the cause of your symptoms by testing your body in a way that bests mimics when you are aware of symptoms. We don’t just ask questions, lay you on the table and rub where it hurts.
  2. We take the time to work out exactly what is causing your pain/injury. This gives us the information we need to educate you on what factors are involved. We use demonstrations, diagrams, and verbal explanations to ensure you fully understand why you are in pain.
  3. With the power of knowledge in our hands, we are better equipped to target the exact tissues that are causing your problems, and you are able to understand exactly why we are targeting those tissues.
  4. From here we can create a treatment plan to work out:
    1. what we need to do that you can’t
    2. what you need to do that we can’t do for you
    3. who else we may need to bring into the team to address other issues that are preventing you from full recovery
  5. Our number one goal is getting you symptom-free. Our passion is to take you to the next level, teach you why you are in pain and empower you with the tools you need to implement in your life so you can avoid the need for ongoing treatment.
  6. We understand that some clients will not have the time to commit to self-management, which isn’t a problem. We can still create a management plan that best suits your circumstances.
  7. In some cases, where work, sport or life places unavoidable strain on your body, we may need to create a long-term management plan to keep you where you want to be. That could mean we need to catch up every so often to get you moving again, review self-management techniques, and keep you in optimal condition to enjoy life.

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